Often times, organizing and converting photos can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. However, it's of utmost importance if you want to save family memories and experiences for generations. Converted photos can be handed down an infinite number of times, even if the originals aren't intact. Considering the incredible value of preserving your memories and peace of mind our service gives you, there's never a better time than now to digitize! With our conversion services, photos that have been collecting dust in the attic or basement will be enjoyed far more often and by far more people than ever could happen with just a physical medium.

     Almost overnight, negatives and film were replaced by digital cameras and we gained the ability to snap hundreds of photos in an instant. Your photos can be brought into the modern age - and stay with you as long as you want them - with Memory Lane.

     Memory Lane, LLC provides photo conversion, organization and management services. Photos are scanned and loaded onto a USB flash drive. This provides a digital back-up of the originals, which then can be can be shared on multiple devices through services such as iCloud and Dropbox. They can also be easily showcased on slideshows, in photo books, and more.

     Most people have family videos on VHS tapes, but fewer and fewer families have VCR players to watch them on. Let us convert your VHS tapes to DVDs and flash drives, so you and your loved ones can enjoy them all over again for perpetuity!







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